"There's not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe this beauty. Marina is gorgeous, warm, soft, bubbly, happy, always smiling, affectionate, passionate, kinky and an angel. She will make you really comfortable and you would like to see her again again and again and again :)"

- Dorian

Was lucky enough to book a session during her recent tour to Sydney. Let me start by agreeing with some of the other reviews, if you thinks she is beautiful in the photos wait till you see her in person. More importantly she makes you feel relaxed and open up. Not a boring or awkward moment during my 90 mins booking. If you are looking for any kind of role play she is the women you got to see. Not a negative thing to say about the experience.

- Dee.Jay

"I found some time recently to hook up with Marina and I can now count myself as one of the lucky ones. Marina is gorgeous, easy going and 100% genuine."

- Pete


"Recently I met Marina for the first time, after months of indecision, and spent some quality time with her. Marina’s photos do not do her justice, she is a beautiful, intelligent, articulate woman, with the bluest eyes and amazing all natural body, who ensures that your time together is everything you desire . 
I decided on a Girlfriend Experience, being a tactile person, I enjoy kissing, touching and fondling a woman’s body, and of course giving oral sex With Marina, it was the sweetest tasting experience
Marina had plenty of suggestions and activities to enhance my enjoyment, some of which I know, we will share on my next and subsequent visits."

- T

"I had waited a long time before meeting Marina and eventually the stars aligned while she was touring in Brisbane, and I've got to say I'm glad I finally got to meet her. 
She was absolutely gorgeous, dressed beautifully, and had the prettiest face I'd ever seen. Her eyes are a pleasure to look into. 
I've got to say the best part of the night was just talking to her, she is very intelligent and interesting to talk with plenty of insight. We had a few drinks and we embarrassed ourselves at trivia, but totally enjoyed every second of the night. We hadn't planned on doing anything else, but one thing led to another and I won't go into details about that, just to say it was definitely fantastic. 
I hope to see Marina again soon and I suggest anyone with the ability to do so."

- Clay


"I had the pleasure of seeing Marina Lee last night. There are lots i can say about this super sexy lady. Above all i want to say Thank you. Marina is so sweet and wonderfully nice. Artfully skilled in conversation and relaxes you very easily.
My time with her was not rushed and she is the sexiest kisser. Her natural body is a sight to behold and soft to the touch and tastes divine.
I cannot think of anything sexier than seeing this lady open her blanket to display her amazing body, sweet smile and come get me eyes. I look forward to being on her visitors list next she visits Perth."

- DainT

"Earlier this week I was lucky enough to have a menage a trois with Marina and Jessie Lee Pierce. It was one of the most memorable nights I've ever had. 
I had arranged for Marina's Submissive service and she was wonderful about helping me continue to explore some fantasies. And her interaction with Jessie was simply smoking hot. 
And I'm now already fantasizing about next time"

- BigM

I don't need to share the details, but Marina is completely adorable. A real person in the best sense, sexy and so beautiful. Perfect.

- Chris


"Was truly a pleasure meeting this beautiful creature. She's a great conversationalist and we spent a good amount of our time together talking about a range of topics. She was always in the moment and gives you her complete, undivided attention. 

She is one of the most passionate women I have had the good fortune to meet and once we started kissing, we just couldn't stop! What followed was pure ecstasy and we were both left with a smile on our faces by the end of it.

She is who she claims to be, both in looks and personality, and this was a truly unique experience with a unique individual and one that I look forward to meeting again and again."

- Thorn

"I had the absolute privilege to meet with Miss Lee on her recent Brisbane Tour. If you can take the time to read Marina's 'about me' section above, you will know exactly what I experienced in my visit. The physical and emotional connection was everything I could have ever hoped for and more. You Victorians have no idea what a state treasure you have in your own back yard. As for me it's back to counting the sleeps to our next encounter."

- Bob


"Libido sending you crazy? If you want pure, passionate, non-stop sex, there is only one Marina Lee.

Recently I managed to see Marina for the 3rd time in 9 months. Travel got in the way, but finally there was a chance to meet.

I admire Marina very much, as in the time I have known her she has never rested on her laurels. She has constantly been upgrading her sexual services and the skills that go with them, as well as advancing her porn career into the fields of virtual-reality, self-production, and boy-girl. Couple this with intelligence, hot looks, a desire to please, a seemingly endless libido, and Marina is a “must do” if you are contemplating seeing an escort.

I was greeted at the door by a vision wearing the latest in Agent Provocateur lingerie - flesh coloured see-through panels, banded ribbing and soft circular-trim and tiny bows strategically placed. I could clearly see dark nipples through the bra cup plus the shadow of Marina’s bush through the panties. Very erotic indeed!

We sat down on the couch to chat, but when our eyes met, I just had to lean in and kiss Marina. Marina responded in kind, and then we would stop to try and talk, and then start kissing again. Each time the kisses became more passionate and lingering. Marina is a great kisser, and soon suggested that we move on into the bedroom.

What happened next was non-stop sex in its purest form. The foreplay was “the sex” as much as penetration was “the sex”. We kissed. We ground our bodies against each other. We stimulated each other’s genitalia manually and orally. I manually stimulated Marina’s G-Spot. And we had coitus in a couple of positions. 

The result was orgasms galore. By my count is was 5 for Marina, and 1 for me. 

During the sex, we were both aware that we were getting hot and sweaty, but allowed it to “just happen”. We were having a romp and that is all that mattered, and getting hot and sticky was part of it. There were no thoughts that we needed to stop or clean up. We were two consenting adults doing what comes naturally and thoroughly enjoying it.

Eventually we were both spent, exhausted and satisfied. 

On my walk home, I was floating on a cloud of endorphins thanks to the intimacy of the connection that had happened, and the joy of knowing I had a compatible sex partner in Marina who I could see again. Thanks Marina for a super time."

- Jack LS

DSC_8488 edit.jpg

"Writing this a day later and I still haven't been able to stop thinking about the time spent with this beautiful being, she will make you never want to leave Melbourne. Debated writing this review because a part of me doesn't want to share
She's kind, confident, not basic, great to talk with, unique and really knows how to make a moment, was so personal and genuine that I wanted to find out if a wife experience existed...

I can't wait for the next time I'll get the chance to see her again. She resonates beauty in every aspect."

- Travis

"What an incredible experience. Marina replied to my email quickly and was more than happy to fullfil my request for certain clothing and panties ( which I bought and adore). I put down a fifty dollar deposit and a date was set. 
Marina looks even more beautiful in person. Striking. After a shower and a short pleasant chat we began to full fill my fantasy. Marinas body has to be seen to be believed. Absolutely amazing. The softest kisses, the sweetest tasting pussy and asshole. Beautiful breasts. It felt very natural and very intimate. I came more than I have in years. Afterwards there was more chat and a pleasant farewell. Worth every penny."

- Chris


"I was looking forward to our spending time together. Even though it was short (my fault) it more than lived up to my expectations thanks to your exceptional personalised service. You were a delight, a real peach. I enjoyed being there. Thank-you for a truly memorable Australia Day. Cheers!"

- J

"Marina Lee is the perfect combination of confidence and youth, sexuality and submission. Her eyes are indulgent from first connection to last parting glance. Her personality, body, and smile are as alluring as they are intoxicating. 

She is one of those very special people who you may only briefly meet, but will leave a lasting impression. She leaves you smiling days after- both completely satisfied and wanting more. 

Truly one of Australia's best as what she does, she is a woman as uncommon as the reddest wine."


"..well what can I say, simple the best time with such a stunning woman! What you see is definately what you get. STUNNING is a word that comes to mind. Marina is polite and accomodating, what more could one ask for? Better than 10/10, make her an 11/10. Thanks cheers"

- P

DSC_8665 edit.jpg

"I have seen Marina a few times now, sometimes with another girl and each time has been fantastic. I'm not the most articulate guy but I'll try I love it when we kiss and cuddle. She really knows how to make me feel wonderful. I really cannot wait to have fun with her again."

- Sam


"Warm, inviting and polite, Marina is very sophisticated young lady who makes you feel welcome from when you first meet. The experience is truly unique and she has the perfect combination of confidence, sophistication, sex appeal as well as being very accommodating and considerate. 

While Marina's photos are clearly beautiful the camera does not do her justice, she is simply stunning in person. However what will stayed with me was her smile and charming personality as they are intoxicating!"

- Rob

"I have always been impressed by hairy girls - right back to my teenage years when that was usual -I don't hate the shaved look but I do prefer natural.   Some here might think that strange,  but well, each to their own.

Anyway I saw a reference on PP way back as a question asking for info about Marina Lee, and I was intrigued. I checked her website to find that she advertised herself as having fine hair all over. I also found out that Marina has connections to Aussie porn, being a regular on Melbourne based website Girls Out West where she takes part in some pretty sexy girl- girl sequences.   Being a fan of hairy women and Aussie porn I had little choice but to make the trip to Melbourne.

Organising it was easy - Marina prefers SMS or email,  being a student she can't often answer the phone.  Her emails were cheerful and friendly- So we agreed on an outcall to my motel. 

When she turned up at the door,  she had black hair partly dyed blonde, wearing a colourful mini-dress with a coat to keep out the cold,  hiding a nice slim figure. We sat on the bed and chatted -about the sex industry - Aussie porn - whatever. I stroked the fine hair on her legs - it was beautiful. Once I could get away from admiring her lovely friendly smile and dark eyes, we kissed -  and kissed and kissed.... I complimented her on how great her kissing skills were -deep and sensual - could have done that for hours.and I don't think she would have stopped me.  We slowly stripped each other, her small boobs (a handful is great) and beautiful hairy pussy were revealed .  I slowly stroked the fine hair in her armpits - I was surprised how fine it was compared say to my pit hair.

I was hard as a rock by this stage, but determined to ensure Marina's pleasure came first. She was very responsive,  -- I was rewarded for my efforts by three quiet orgasms......quiet but there was lots of movement and hip grinding.  Her technique on me was impressive as well - truly deep throat.   Even though there was the necessary condom (this is Victoria - it's the law folks). it was tough for me to keep from coming from her ministrations...

She sat on me cowgirl style - I asked her to rub her clit with her fingers (as I had seen her do in the movies) while my cock slid in and out - hot to watch - that made her cum again . We lay there in each other arms-  Marina was great to cuddle - so affectionate. 

I asked her if she would give me a slow hand-job.  I find it easier to cum that way sometimes when it's condom land and I'm feeling lazy...and that worked fine......  much embarrassment though - the tissues were metres away !

It was a 2-hour booking - plenty of intimacy and really great conversation - hairy girls are fun.  Marina says that she now gets spotted by guys looking for a hairy experience - and for those that don't care for hairy-ness, they're so turned on by her charms that they don't notice!

So for those looking for something different and to challenge a stereotype, you could get in touch.  Definitely worth it in my opinion."