New clip: Kelly Marie Quell & Marina Lee

This scene is super special to me, as it captures the rare occasion of me being 'toppy', which Kelly and I were able to embrace due to our natural sexual chemistry. Kelly loves to be fucked hard and slapped around, and this is exactly what you'll see in this clip.

You'll see a few orgasms from me as she fucks me with her fingers and a Hitachi (my fave), and a few powerful orgasms from her as I fuck her butt with my fingers and then my cock, giving her the rough handling she deserves.

This clip was directed and shot by the wonderful Chelsea Poe during a trip to her hometown in Michigan, and I appreciate being involved in what was such a personal project for her! An alternate edit of this scene will appear in her upcoming feature porn film Queer Porn Americana.

You can find my edit of the scene here, it's 14 minutes of hot sex goodness.


Marina ♥

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