An inclusive service and safe space for all

Earlier this month I completed the Touching Base Professional Disability Awareness Training (PDAT) in Sydney. It was an incredible day-long workshop that supports sex workers in making their service as accessible as possible to people with disabilities. We discussed non-verbal modes of communicating and ascertaining consent, how to navigate a carer as a third-party in the booking process, and the stigma and discrimination that people with disabilities often face. Touching Base is an incredible organisation, and needs all the support they can get. If you haven't already I recommend watching the documentary Scarlet Road featuring Rachel Wotton, one of the co-founders of the organisation.

It is important to me to stand in solidarity against the marginalisation that people with disabilities experience, and so this workshop is not the be all and end all of what I, as an able-bodied person, must do in order to unlearn ableist assumptions about disability. In this effort I wish to make my service as accessible as possible to all people.

On this note, I want to remind y'all that I do not just service white, cis, able-bodied men. I get asked frequently, "Do you see *insert ethnicity here*?" YES, of course! I'm so sorry to those who have experienced discrimination from other workers. That is not something you'll ever have to worry about with me. I see people of any race or ethnicity, women, trans people, couples, people of all shapes and sizes, people of any experience level, and adults of all ages, because this is what I embrace in my personal sex- and romantic-life.

And so, if you're unsure if I take bookings from 'someone like you', I probably do! Provided you're respectful, and follow my booking protocol of course! But please, don't hesitate to get in contact as I am happy to discuss any uncertainty or special requirements you may have. This is a safe space for all.