New clip store & release of 'Acid Forest'

I've been wanting to get some personal porn clips out to y'all for ages, and here is the first of many to come!

I filmed this in a gorgeous forest in Oregon, on a camping trip with my friends. The title of the clip is 'Acid Forest' because, you guessed it, I may have been a little high at the time. I didn't plan on shooting anything but I found myself thinking of y'all back home and wanted to capture the moment! All I had on me at the time was my phone, but being the enthused exhibitionist that I am I made it work. I pissed by the side of the river and then found some low-hanging trees to wank beneath, hoping the families floating down the river wouldn't notice me.

'Acid Forest' is the first in a series of Marina Lee Raw videos I will be producing. These are masturbation clips filmed on the spur of the moment when the mood strikes; they're stripped back and 100% authentic. If you'd like a window into my personal masturbation habits, here it is!

In my clip store you will also soon notice some Marina Lee Presents videos trickling in. These are scenes that I have planned and shot with other performers. They have higher production values than the Raw series and are likely to involve an element of fantasy, whether I am exploring a particular fetish I'm into, a person I've been wanting to play with, or a particular scenario I've been dreaming about.

You can purchase 'Acid Forest' here

Alternatively, you can buy it direct from me and receive an additional photoset at no extra charge. Just email and put 'Acid Forest' in the subject line.