Sexpo Recap

What a big weekend! For those who couldn't make it, here's a run-down of what went down.

I spent a fun few hours on the Aussie Stars stage each day, alongside the lovely Yasmin Scott, Kiki Vidis, Dallas Rayne and Charlie Brookes, taking photos with patrons and signing autographs.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 5.41.41 pm.png

When I wasn't on 'Aussie Stars' I was hussling at the Velvet Reality & Lightsouthern stand, giving hundreds of people their first taste of Virtual Reality porn. Many people were surprised when they put the headset on, only to find me looking up at them as they fucked me with their fist in Virtual Reality!

Although I starred in my first Virtual Reality scene many months ago, the Friday of Sexpo was the first time I'd put on a headset and actually watched VR - I was blown away! I bet you can guess what my next gift to myself was ;)


On the Friday a group of anti-sex work protesters stood out the front of the Exhibition Centre. Their language was whorephobic and misogynist, and despite their concern about the lack of autonomy that (they believe) sex workers hold, they granted us very little by virtue of speaking for us. 

The women pictured, who had never worked in the industry themselves, spoke of 'prostituted' women and said we must look to the reasons we 'end up' here (child abuse is one, they said). We talked around in circles for half an hour and as expected, no one could come to an agreement. I went back inside before a more aggressive argument could break out, my patience only goes so far!


A highlight of the weekend was seeing Sam Dickinson and getting a sneak peak at the first printing of his new photo book, which you can pre-order here. It features a bunch of babes, including Lucie Bee, Aeryn Walker and Lulu Reynolds, to name a few! 


Sunday evening was the official Sexpo afterparty, and the lovely Lila Payne joined us for a much needed drink and dance to round off the weekend. Thanks to the girls at the Men's Gallery for giving us a couple of hot lap dances at the close of the night!


It was great spending time with Laney, Summer Knight, Kim CumsMichelle FlynnRyan James and our wonderful tech person as we introduced patrons to the world of VR, but we were certainly glad to be going home to bed by the end of it! Until next time... :)

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